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Many years ago, perhaps following the birth of your first child or when arranging a mortgage, you may have taken out some life insurance to cover both you and your spouse. However, have you since reviewed the level of life cover that you have in place to see if it is still adequate to meet [...]

The reality of drunken driving

I typically stay away from public service-style posts, but this is wellness-related. I recently had a friend killed in an alcohol-related incident. Prior to this, anytime I heard about accidents of this nature in the news, it tended to go in one ear and out the other. As terrible as it sounds, we tend to [...]

If you live in Central Ohio, you probably know the name Dom Tiberi. As weekday sports anchor of WBNS-10TV News and co-host of the weekend Wall-to-Wall Sports, Dom delivers the news on the OSU Buckeyes, Columbus Blue Jackets and local high school sports. Central Ohioans have a deep and personal connection to Dom. So, in [...]

More Americans every day are finding quality, affordable coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. We recently announced that enrollment in the Marketplace continued to rise in February to a five-month total of 4.2 million. These numbers demonstrate that our aggressive outreach is helping to make a difference – with millions of Americans now enjoying the [...]

According to the Hill, many insurance companies are contradicting HHS Secretary Sebelius's rosy predictions about modest increases in Obamacare premiums next year. Some of the increases will be "significant." How significant? In some states, the increase may be as much as 300%. The expected rate hikes will be announced in the coming months amid an [...]

6 more reasons to #GetCovered

Last month, we gave you 6 reasons to #GetCovered. And last week, President Obama and Zach Galifianakis showed you that young people aren’t invincible or invisible. Here are 6 more reasons to enroll in Marketplace coverage: 1. Time is running out. March 31 is your last chance to enroll for 2014 coverage. If you don’t [...]

  By now, you should be aware of two important, looming deadlines:   End of open enrollment: March 31 Taxes Due: April 15 What you might not be aware of are the many connections between taxes and health care, particularly with the reform. Did you know that when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [...]

  Summer music festivals attract thousands of music and culture lovers to muddy fields across the country. While most people are out to have a good time and enjoy their favourite entertainers, unfortunately thieves are also among the crowds and the number of thefts is soaring. A look at police crime reports for the top [...]

Over 50s life insurance plans promoted by daytime TV celebrities are ‘incredibly bad value’ claims consumer champion Which. After researching a range of polices, the group accuses life insurance firms of luring customers with free gifts and trusted entertainers without explaining just how bad the policies are for most people. Now, Which wants the Financial [...]

Travel Insurance

When planning a trip, nobody wants to think about what might go wrong, but the reality is that things can go wrong even with the most meticulously prepared trips. Flights can get cancelled; luggage can get lost; and injuries can occur. Do you have a plan for those less-than-perfect vacation moments? To make sure your [...]